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Using the results of the Political Capital Analysis, Serlin Haley creates, vets, and implements a public law strategy to meet each client’s business objectives. Each client’s strategy is unique to its business goals, but often includes:

  • Identifying key executive, legislative, regulatory, and municipal decision-makers and ascertaining their positions on the issues at hand;
  • Identifying allies within the legislature, executive branch, regulatory agencies, and municipalities;
  • Developing a core constituency by identifying, recruiting and solidifying support from key allies;
  • Involving third parties by expanding and building coalitions with academic leaders, trade and business organizations, civic leaders, and consumer advocates;
  • Identifying additional stakeholders, including likely opponents;
  • Petitioning the executive, legislative, regulatory and administrative areas of government on behalf of clients;
  • Utilizing business and policy organizations to raise awareness of such issues among their members;
  • Holding briefings with key executive, legislative, regulatory and municipal contacts, third-party stakeholders, influencers and decision-makers;
  • Conducting such research as is required to draft appropriate legislation; and
  • Drafting and filing legislation in conjunction with legislative leaders and the executive branch.