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Serlin Haley specializes in on-the-ground lobbying efforts to ensure that each client’s needs are clear to anyone with decision-making authority, at any level of government. The Firm offers three tiers of on-the-ground lobbying work, all of which might include the following:

  • Drafting and filing stand-alone legislation in conjunction with legislative leaders and the executive branch;
  • Drafting supporting documents, including white papers, testimony, and letters of support or opposition;
  • Meetings and substantive briefings with key executive, legislative, regulatory and municipal contacts in addition to meeting with third-party stakeholders, influencers, and decision-makers;
  • Educating members of legislative committees, leadership, and any other identified policymakers within the legislature and regulatory agencies;
  • Involving third parties by building a coalition that will include respected allies including academic leaders, trade and business organizations, civic leaders, and consumer advocates;
  • Monitoring additional identified legislation, regulations, ordinances, and executive orders, and developing an appropriate action plan as needed;
  • Monitoring all branches of government, the media, business and advocacy groups with regards to prioritized and potential issues; and
  • Winning support from affected business and policy organizations by educating their members and raising awareness of these issues.