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Businesses today are affected by government action at all levels; successful ones understand this, and they anticipate problems and make all necessary preparations to respond when threats materialize.

Serlin Haley offers such companies a full range of public law services, from taking inventory of clients’ political assets (“political capital analysis”) to regulatory compliance. In addition to “boots on the ground” lobbying in the nation’s states and cities, the Serlin Haley team provides political trend analysis and strategic planning services, backed by up-to-the-minute monitoring of proposed legislation and regulations.

Complementing these activities, Serlin Haley protects clients from running afoul of the myriad rules under which businesses must register and report their contacts with government officials. Serlin Haley’s registration and reporting services spare companies the embarrassment of missed deadlines or botched filings, allowing them to grow their businesses without worrying about unnecessary fines or unfortunate headlines.