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Serlin Haley works with clients large and small to create and implement national, regional, and local public law strategies and plans to advance, defend, and support their business interests before the Executive, Legislative, Regulatory, and Municipal areas of government. This comprehensive public law approach takes into consideration the differences in the business climate and regulatory environment from state to state and city to city. Solutions are tailored for individual clients in such a way that they align:

  • With their business goals and objectives,
  • With a political environment that could otherwise negate their business goals,
  • With regulatory programs that affect them positively and negatively, and
  • With legislation that politically works with them or against them.

By comprehensively creating a national public law strategy with regional, on-the-ground implementation that simultaneously impacts the Executive, Legislative, Regulatory, and Municipal areas of government, Serlin Haley helps organizations gain leverage, successfully sequence their actions, develop and nurture a core constituency of political allies and decision-makers, and mitigate challenges and threats.