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Serlin Haley is a national public law firm that focuses exclusively on effecting change by representing client businesses before the Executive, Legislative, Regulatory, and Municipal areas of government. The Firm’s vast experience and entrepreneurial attitude enable Serlin Haley to more effectively achieve client goals, improve clients’ marketplace position, and protect clients’ business interests.

Serlin Haley takes a team approach to client engagements, which allows clients to benefit fully from our experience and insight. Through the integration of the entire team’s experience and its strategic understanding of local, regional and national issues, client strategies are more creative and effective.

Serlin Haley has tested public law experience achieving business results before government. Solutions are tailored to each client's needs with a combination of the following services before the Executive, Legislative, Regulatory, and Municipal areas of government:

Serlin Haley is actively involved in the following organizations:

  • State Government Affairs Council
  • Council of State Governments
  • American Legislative Exchange Council
  • National Association of Attorney Generals
  • National Association of Insurance Commissioners
  • National Conference of State Legislators
  • National Governors Association
  • Public Affairs Council
  • Washington Area State Relations Group