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About the Firm

A History of Client Service

Specializing in all aspects of public law, Serlin Haley is comprised of a committed team of legal experts with a reputation for achieving results on behalf of their clients. Located in Boston, Massachusetts, Serlin Haley is known for its depth and breadth of experience in navigating the executive, legislative, regulatory, and municipal areas of government. Serlin Haley is particularly proficient at understanding its clients' issues and organizations, which enables it to develop the right strategy on a wide variety of critical issues. Serlin Haley provides superior service and personal attention with a deep commitment to its clients' interests.

Located in Boston — the capital of Massachusetts, the heart of New England — Serlin Haley serves a host of local and regional clients, as well as major national and international companies and associations.

In the health-care field alone, for example, we represent professional associations (e.g., pathologists, veterinarians), professional service firms (a chain of children's neighborhood dental clinics), a trend-setting discount-store chain with dozens of high-volume pharmacies, and various manufacturers of pharmaceutical and biotherapeutics products. Our clients range from start-ups and privately held local corporations to firms at the very top of the Fortune 100. Indeed, we count among our clients those who educate our young, who entertain us throughout our lives, who help finance our dreams, who recycle our wastes, and who house our parents once they can or should no longer live alone.

Through industry-wide and special-purpose trade associations, we also represent major swaths of U.S. economy, including the forest and paper industry, the cosmetics and personal-care industry, the consumer products industry, the consumer electronics industry, and the brewers of distilled spirits.

As a law firm, we offer our clients an array of legal, lobbying and legislative monitoring services, tailored closely to their needs, at both the state and local level. We take pride in our state-of-the-art technology through which we communicate with our clients, but even more so in the attention to personal detail that a firm of our size can offer — and which, indeed, has become Serlin Haley's hallmark.